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Well, it seems to be all good news for me at the moment.
Just finished 2 major, grueling assignments. *fingers crossed marks wise*
And the good fortune of ANZAC day public holiday(as ironic as that is for the remembrance of a tragedy is)means that due to reshuffling of the timetable I don't have any due for at least 3 weeks.
Just an exam this week and an exam next week. (-_-)
Oh well, at least it's finally given me some time to get around to some writing that I've really wanted to be doing. It's been too long since I've been able to sit down and really commune with any of my fandoms.

*Bleach :( Why does noone write IshiIchi? It's all big manly Ichigo and submissive Ishida *chokes on character mutilation* Reverse them sometime please people...and on that note I should probably get round to writing something like that myself for once, though there are so many other pairings for this fandom I love to poke.
*HnG is the same as Saiunkoku, though I am occasionally working on my rather long AU that 1 of my blind_go entries was a diced and massacred excerpt from.
*KKM is as shiny as always, with too many plunnies nibbling on my grey matter.
*Loveless, well, writing for this fandom tends to depress me as my angst muse is clinging to it strongly
*Naruto, nothing of substantial worth will probably ever be written for this fandom by me
*Ouran*cough* I have fics...I'm just not doing anything about them.
*POT's not really doing anything for me fanfic wise at the moment.
*Saiunkoku...this fandom needs more fic, I just feel inadequate to contribute with all the good stuff people are writing for it.
*Shaman, I haven't even thought about this series for a while and then I cam across some unfinished ideas poked into my writing folder. I should write them really.
*Soukyuu no Fafner, once again there are fics not being written and fleshed out other than their skeleton states.
*Supernatural is really rather shiny, but I am completely dissociated from the canon at the moment.
*Whistle is, wow, I really need to find where I've hidden all my stories for that fandom, even if I do remember them all being rather umm...bad and cracky.
*YYH...I love Hiei (and Yuusuke and Kurama and soo many of their enemies)I just can't write anything worthwhile for them.

As for icons, I have a backlog of them for many fandoms, with many more poking at my brain. I'll release a few batches of them soon.

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