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Soooo....I haven't been on lj (and actually tawled my friends list) for months and I finally have the time to do so and what's popped up...?

*LJ strikethrough 2007 (like the name BTW to whoever coined it)

Lucky enough, LJ seem to be sorting out the problem and communicating with fans. Restoration of those journals actually deleted mistakenally will be back. No more need for fandom panic I hope.

As for FanLib, not my cup of tea, doesn't even sound like a good idea. Agree with some of the abject horror people have expressed, disagree with a lot of the hysteria. (Am most amused when I was trawling through their forums that a lot of the people who were up and up saying "Why aren't you guys supporting it like us?" were young teens and college students with quite a few of them new to fandom and "proud of it")

Well, now onto the reason I was actually going to update my lj.

I *big dramatic drum roll* have finished with uni for the session.
Still 2 more weeks until exams are over. But as of now, no more assignments.
*big grin*
This will probably change in to a vaguely bored and stressed look as exams approach

Oh, and the best part...
I was running on 3.5hours of sleep yesterday (bed at 2:30, up at 6am...with a major rush on to get as much done before the power went off in our neighbourhood until 5 that afternoon and then a rush to uni to stake a claim on a uni computer), stressed to the brink with an assignment worth 40% of my final mark counting down the hours and an exam worth 25% counting down the hours even faster. So I finally had to scurry off to my exam and walked past a mirror...
I looked so psychotically happy

So weird. I was kind of expecting abject horror, not evil glee.

Oh yeah.
Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End *thumbs up*
Drove my sibling to see it with [ profile] julzbat (on 3.5hours sleep and my older sister was complaining she was tired on a full 8 hours...sheesh!) Made the day all good and happy and full of Jack.
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