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I love the end of the uni year.
I am now officially back around.
No more uni, assignments or (hopefully) stress for the next 3 months.


Although I'm kinda gonna be a bit on edge until I get my exam results back and know whether I have to take any of my classes again (I'm pretty sure I'm right for 2 of my's just the 3rd one, which over 50% of the class failed last year, that I'm running around with my fingers crossed for)

I really need a better study habit...starting to study a week before the exams is not a good policy. Starting 2 days before for the subject I am most freaked out about is worse.
Mind you...I had information down for the exam...mostly...except for the big fat essay worth 1/6th of the entire exam mark which was based on the 1 lecture I didn't attend...that's just cruel an unusual punishment since there was no textbook, everyone else's notes didn't really help much and it was about dirt...or ok soil microbes...but still...

On a higher note I've got about 60hours of work to scrounge money from the uni for, although the effort shouldn't take me more than 30hours.
I also have a job interview (Woot *rolls eyes*), a thing of real excitement, especially since I learnt that my friend who got interviewed last week already unofficially got the job. Actually that really does make me happy because I would have had to start immediately, wouldn't be able to get the uni-job done, and wouldn't be able to rest and relax as I sooo desperately need right now. Plus my parents are lining me up work to play lab tech with the equine flu problem of the moment. Oh, and another friend is putting in a word for me with her micro-lab. And I'm still employed by the local supermarket.
It's the most job possibilities I've ever had walk up and hit my in the face. Really kinda scary.
I really was looking forward to just living my life in a cave hooked up with internet.

Stuff will happen and hopefully there will be some free time in there somewhere.

Mostly I want to re-find my creativity, get some writing done and feel like a real boy human being again you know, instead of a brain fried zombie whose goal is assessments instead of brains....

Hmmm, and I'm also working on christmas stuff for people. Always fun, even if one is not religious at all.

Well ok...and onto the fun stuff...

Currently I am not in it, at least not for any of the anime/manga/cartoon fandoms that are my usual purview.
I've retaken up my childhood joys of science-fiction shows. True, some of them are utterly laughable. But then there are others which are soooo good you love to re-watch them, see Firefly for qualification.
Am currently working through a Stargate Atlantis obsession which mostly has to do with one adorkable Dr. Rodney Mckay PhD PhD (though Radek Zelenka comes in a really really close 2nd, especially after the most recent episode)
The stories in this fandom are really great. Lots of good authors who'll write me good long plotful fics, gen and slash to my hearts content, and the episodes themselves (or at least some of them) can be rewatched again and again with utter enjoyment. Great blend of action, drama, angst, humour and technobabble.
Was on a Doctor Who/Torchwood stint before that...because Jack Harkness smile made me wibble...but unfortunately there are very few long plotful fics in this fandom (that aren't about Rose and the Doctor and eventuates in how they're meant to be together). So give it a few months and then I'll backtrack.
Farscape...also fun but lacking the humourous flair that runs through both SGA and DrWho a lot of the time. Mind you Stark, Pilot and John Crichton are very very shiny.
♥'s me some sci-fi boys.

With actual time on my hands, I hope I can pick up the threads of a few of the old fandoms, because it is nearing the 0% mark that I will write for a TV-show fandom (mostly because the level of talent already there is intimidating, but also greatly because I find actual actors, etc. much less malleable in my mind than my animated boys)

OK...big long scary rambly...ramble will stop now.
Catch you all around.
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