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I had this image of how my unibreak time would be spent. I was going to update this lj lots update my fic lj lots and talk to people.
Now, with only 1 week left until uni starts again, I've managed none of them.
*stews in own hopelessness*
I think that pert of my problem is that no matter how much I like people, want to talk to people, interact with them etc. I find it difficult to nerve myself up, especially to connect with people on a personal level and it all becomes a bit of a task (not that this means I love the lot of you any less, just that my shyness is truly a hinderance at times).
Anyway, now my goal before uni starts had been thoroughly downgraded to clearing out my room from last uni session, getting my full driver's license and completing an already 80% complete KKM fic.
*shakes head*

Oh well, I've spent the last week and a bit playing with my family which was quite nice, celebrated my Dad's birthday (he refused my offer of birthday dirt -_-) and played in the city for th day, taking the following interesting photos while at the "Save the Earth" or some such exhibit currently touring the Darling Harbour.

Oh, and I also got a couple of shifts at work (so I didn't completely screw myself over), but then I got "talked to" because I managed to wear dark navy blue pants instead of black ones and my formal black shoes have always been a type of black sneaker due to joint problems. Woot! A bundle of fun...though it does mean I now have money. Mmm, money.

Current obssessions fandom wise=
Torchwood/Doctor Who (/Captain Jack Harkness...What? >_> He's shiny! Very very shiny...and I really must stop obsessing over him. I think it's his smile. It's so happy-making, how can I resist?)
Kyou Kara Maou (though my muse for it is still decidely lazy)
Gintama (who can resist cute men with swords and UST and canon crack)
One Piece (what can I say? I'm a sucker for shounen adventures, esp. with fun characters like a rubber man
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