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Soo, finally catching up with my flist after...well, almost 2 weeks.

Still haven't replied to most comments (inbox is terrifying, will attempt to make a dent in it over the weekend)

For people of the FFVII fandom, who can enjoy a good piece of crack, I direct you towards the Cactiroth Manifesto

...I remember pimping a couple of these fic pieces in this journal earlier on. I DO so enjoy crack. Especially when it is traumatising to other people (sort of like that Santa, reindeer, shota manga piece I ran across...some people are just WEIRD!!)

On a completely random side note: a cucumber attacked me tonight.


My eye is killing me.

It had deadly aim, straight from my hand and into my eyeball.

Mum wouldn't stop laughing, although she did ask fd I needed a cold washer. However when I said yes she made me stumble blindly around the house to find one.


And on a sidetracked note: Earthsea, the 'movie'...not bad in and of itself. Just overly simplified and under/over acted (except for Vetch...Vetch was cool) and American style cheesy romance (UGH!!!)
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Ok, so I'm finally getting round to doing this because I have time nomore 30% assignments piled one on top of the other. I've been meaning to do this for months, but I promised to do it last week, sorry it's still a bit late.


What can I really say that would encompass this series that is utter crack/love and so much more?

It is also a series 30 years old with a fandom still going strong.
If that doesn’t say something about the plot then I’m not sure what will.

Eroica’s story is set during the period of the Cold War when tensions around the world were high and spies were as common as pie…if not a little more as I don’t remember seeing a pie anywhere in the story. XD

Anyway, for the most part this series is light hearted fun, with the intermittent dose of seriousness and as well fleshed out plot across a number of arcs

The story centres around 2 protagonists, an uptight trigger happy army major and a very flashy fluttery (though competent) gay thief.

Meet Major Klaus von Eberbach, a.k.a the Iron Klaus, following his father’s footsteps he is a defender of Germany (as well as some other less important bits of the world) a member of NATO, where he works to foil the plans of Russian agents, terrorists and neo-Nazis. At his beck and call is his team of alphabets A-Z, though generally it seems half of them are on stress leave or being punished in the cold of Alaska. He’d prefer to suffer no fools, but that’s a bit difficult when he rates everyone against himself (and accordingly almost everyone is a fool). He’ll go to almost any lengths to see his mission done, which is what’s keeping him at the rank of Major and under the command of “that pervert Chief” of his.

Now meet Lord Dorian Earl of Gloria, more widely known as the expert art thief Eroica. He has no interest in stealing for wealth, merely enjoying it for the challenge and the possession of things that appeal to his sense of aesthetics. His definition of beauty is wide and varied…even extending to the point of a German tank when a Major once points out its unique beauty. He is followed by his large band of merry men, co-conspirators in his thieving endeavours; all of them completely loyal to him (except for his accountant James a.k.a “the stingy bug” whose first loyalty is to money and then the Earl). He prefers the elegance of a knife and can’t hit a wall 2-feet away when shooting a gun.

A major and a thief. Match made in heaven? The Earl would like to think so and that his dear Major is just being stubborn. The Major, however, is wondering just how he attracted the idiot, hoping he has another opportunity to shoot him and disgusted with the rest of the spying community’s enjoyment over the situation.

The Major’s sure he’s straight (despite the fact he is disgusted by women’s frivolity and never appears to appreciate their aesthetics once). The Earl’s sure he’s gay (and boy does he enjoy his eye candy or any opportunity he has to feel up the Major without being killed).

The “fun” these boys have while running into each other on various missions…well Eroica really SHOULDN’T have stolen the Pope…and if only the Major would stop covering that delectable behind…and the statues really ARE out to get the Earl (just ask him)…while James should really just stop eating from the trash…plus G is certainly much cuter in a skirt than a suit…

The threatening and snarkiness…*goes into raptures*(yes I adore snark it adds the necessary dash of fun to any conversation ;p)

As far as I’m concerned I’d rate it a 9.5 out of 10. However, I’m sure that some people will be put off by the prominent noses and chins in the art style. I still think the boyos are gorgeous, but then that’s me. And the art does improve over time, especially when you have the high quality scans of the 10th+ arcs. Actually I started at the 10th arc, jumped in blind and found a veritable treasure (the scans of the 1-9 arcs are pretty horrendous but if you can bear with it the story is worth it).
Here’s a download link to download the page to download the scans:
If they’re expired then there’s some new links up at [ profile] free_manga just fish around under the eroica tags.

*subliminal chant* read it read it read it read it


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