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Wow, I can't believe it's already almost christmas again. Time really flies even when you're not having fun.
Anyway I thought I'd do the necessary christmas/season exhange post.

I've been really busy this year, so I haven't really had a lot of time to interact with people and months as a time went between posts and comments. Yet a few of you have managed to make me feel your loving friendship all year, even when I was absent. So I have a few gifts lined up for people.

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and of course the also much absent B-kins

Be expecting stuff in your mailbox...probably shortly after christmas (as soon as I hunt down your addresses again). Probably not something on any of your wishlists, but something that reminds me of you.
If anyone else would like rambling incoherency a letter or christmas card, drop me a line with a link to your address and I'll get right on it.

As for my wishlist:
1)Reciprocity is always heart-warming
2)Any fandom shinies you'd like to dedicate to me...:P
Fanfic, icons, etc. are always appreciated in any of a few fandoms...KKM (gen/ConYuu), PoT (Ryoma), Reborn (Gokudera), Oofuri (Mihashi *crows* Duck-boy *cough*), DGM (Allen), ES21 (Hiruma, Sena, Shin)
3)Good slashy or gen. books (particularly fantasy ones) Very sick of unrealistic female characters and the unbelievable romance elements that take over the plot.
4)For all my wonderful friends to have a lovely and much enjoyed christmas/holiday season, full of happiness and fun

Still working on that coming to visit...was almost going to be in North America for your next winter(?) session...but that looks like it's falling through as the government seems willing to offer me money if I start my honours project and run it over christmas next year.
Anyway, for my contact details go here (locked post of course)

*love and hugs for you all*

Psssst, of course all my Australian friends who I'll see soon will get theirs by hand.


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